About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals, with two production plants and three offices in major cities of Pakistan. We develop high quality products and intelligent solutions to help our customers to be more successful. Our product range incorporates some of the latest technology and our staffs are qualified engineers, chemists or technologists. Our quality construction materials can be found in nearly every major building project in Pakistan.

We specialize in construction chemicals for civil engineering industry and our main areas are,

  • Concrete Admixture
  • High performance epoxy and cementitious grouts / anchors
  • Specialized epoxy and cementitious protective coatings
  • Special epoxy flooring and cementitious flooring compounds
  • Joint Sealants
  • Concrete repair compound for new and old structures
  • Special adhesive and waterproofing system for water retaining structures

Fospak is constantly striving for new levels of excellence. Our aim is to develop pioneer solutions and products that will open up new opportunities for the company, its employees, and its partners in the industry. Our mission is to help customers and ensure we grow together and to constantly keep one step ahead of the competition.


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