Joint Sealants And Fillers

Joint Filler

Expanfill Cork              . Bonded Granular Cork Expansion Joint Fillers
Expanfill Rod Closed Cell Polyethylene Joint Sealant Back-Up Cord
Expanfill Xl High Performance, Cross Linked, Closed Cell, Non- Absorbent, Polyethylene Joint Filler
Expanfill Bitumen Impregnated Fiberboard

Building Sealants

Expanseal 105 Multi-Purpose Acrylic Joint Sealant
Expanseal 130 Silicone Joint Sealant – Acid Curet
Expanseal Mastic Rubber-Bitumen Cold Applied Joint Sealant

Civil Engineering Sealants

Expanseal 99 Hot-Poured Rubber Bitumen Horizontal Joint Sealant
Expanseal 220 Pitch Polyurethane Elastomeric Joint Sealant
Expanseal 225 High Performance Polyurethane Joint Sealant
Expanseal 600 Multi-Component, Gun And Pouring Grade, Polysulphide Sealant
Expanseal EJS Neoprene Rubber Seal For Expansion Joints
Expanseal PJS Hot Applied Rubberized Pavement Joint Sealant
Expanseal Putty Hand applied polymer modified bitumen sealant

Road and Pavement Sealants

Expanseal 200 Cold Applied, High Performance, Hydrocarbon Resistant
Expanseal 777 Elastomeric Fuel Resistant Joint Sealant
Expanseal JFR Elastomeric Jet Fuel Resistant Joint Sealant