Bitumen Emulsion

Expanproof 10 Bitumen Emulsion Protective Coating
Expanproof 30                       Multi-Purpose, Rubberized, Bitumen Emulsion
Expanproof 50C Emulsified Bitumen Protective Coating
Expanproof 55CS    Cold Applied Bitumen Emulsion Protective Coating

Solvent Base Coatings

Expanproof 100 Bituminous Protective Coating
Expanproof 120          . High Build Bituminous Protective Coating

Liquid Applied Membrane

 . Expanproof 600                                   . Liquid applied single component elastomeric waterproofing membrane


 . Expanbar BB20 Swellable Bentonite Base Waterstop
Expanbar PVC Centrally And Externally Placed PVC Waterstops.
Expanbar SW20          High Performance Swellable Waterstop For In-Situ Concrete
Expanbar SW-BB INSTALLATION GUIDE  Installation Guide For Swellable Waterstop Expanbar SW & BB Range

Cementitous Crystalline Capillary system

 . Expanproof TGP            . Crystalline capillary waterproofing for concrete

Cementitous Waterproofing Coating for Roof

 . Expanbrush RFX                  . Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating for roofs

Pre Formed Membrane

Expanproof GP Cold applied bituminous waterproofing membrane
Expanproof GP 2000                              . Polyester reinforced self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane
Expanproof GPE General purpose bitumen emulsion waterproofing coating
Expanproof JFR System Emulsified, polymer modified jet fuel resistant system for asphalt
. Expanproof Torch Range of torch applied SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membrane

GEO Textile

Expangeo Needle-punched Non woven geotextile
ExpangeoHD          . Needle-punched Non woven geotextile


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